Clinical trial:

Classification of phases:

            Phase I, II, III and IV clinical trials.

Classification of indication:

            Cancer related disorders                                          Pain relief disorders

            Hematology disorders                                               Pulmonary disorders

            Neurology disorders                                                  Cardiology disorders

            Psychiatry disorders                                                  Rheumatology disorders

            Pediatrics disorders                                                  Urology disorders

            Diabetology disorders                                               Dermatology disorders

Numbers of clinical trials:

            More than 100 ongoing studies

Clinical sites where we provide site management and study coordination services:

National Institute of Oncology, Budapest

I. Dept. of Pediatrics Semmelweis University, Budapest

II. Dept. of Pediatrics Semmelweis University, Budapest

Departent of Pulmonology Semmelweis University, Budapest

Uzsoki street Hospital of Metropolitan Municipality, Budapest

Pandy Kalman Hospital, Gyula

Szent Lazar County Hospital, Salgótarján

Saint Pantaleon Hospital, Dunaújváros

Toldy Ferenc Hospital, Cegléd

Dr. Kenessey Albert Hospital, Balassagyarmat

Javorszky Ödön Hospital, Vác

Integrated Szent Janos and Szent Margit Hospital, Budapest

Petz Aladar Teaching Hospital, Győr

Clinical sites where we provide study coordination services:

Bugyi Ferenc Hospital, Szentes

            Department of Oncology

National  Koranyi TB and Pulmonology Institute, Budapest

Faculty of Medicine, Department of Oncotherapy, Szeged

Integrated Szent Istvan and Szent Laszlo Hospital, Budapest

            Department of Haematology and stem cell transplantation


Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline, ALTANA Pharma, Roche, Pfizer, Wyeth, Novartis, Agennix, Almirall, ImClone, Lilly, Merck, Immatics, AstraZeneca, Amgen, Bayer, Takeda, Olympus, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Biogene, Actelion


Omnicare, Bitrial, Parexel, PRA, Hungarotrial, Assign, Quintiles, PPD,

Argint, i3 Research, Scope International, Kendle.

Other groups:

International Breast Cancer Study Group


Our training partner: Info-Tréning Bt. (