Our services

Our services

  • Site coordination from the beginning of the trial
  • Taking over special tasks in ongoing trials, and joining to the trial team.
  • Study related training, coaching to audit, or data-lock in a professional way.

Keys to our success:

  • Fluent cooperation with authorities and ethics committees
  • Feasibility performance
  • Trial related SD template preparation
  • Source document verification with the Sub-Investigators, laboratories, radiology
  • Fast and accurate CRF, eCRF completion based on the source documents

Participation in administrative tasks:

  • Performance, handling and updating of the documents needed by CRO, Sponsor
  • Coordination of the Study team’s (Investigators, Study nurses, Pharmacists) working process and ensuring protocol compliance
  • Keeping in touch with the cooperating parties (central laboratory, evaluating centers, IVRS) in the trial
  • Give support in the SAE procedures
  • Help with the Drug accountability from the Pharmacy through the administration and back


As a result of our work the quality of the study team’s work and clinical trials will be increased. We ensure immediate data collection and data transfer for Trials with potential high recruitment.

(Please click here to the detailed study specific task list.)