Clinical Research Coordination Ltd was established to give effective support for the faster and higher quality performance during clinical trials in Humans to clinical trial sites and the Sponsors and CROs as well.

The founders of our company have ten years of experience in clinical research coordination and clinical research organization and performance. The result of our vocational experience is the professional service.

What is the study coordination?

The study coordination is the optimization of clinical trial related procedures and tasks at the clinical trial site, and the performance of administrative tasks in clinical trials.
As a result of this service we guarantee...

...for the clinical trial site:

  • that the trial related administrative tasks will be significantly decreased based on a nearly complete take-over of clinical trial administration
  • that based on ensuring the coordination among the trial participants the information flow will be continuous
  • there could be more patients randomized into trials

...for the Sponsors and CROs:

  • the trial will be performed per protocol
  • the data will be delivered accurately and on time
  • that with coordination service, a higher patient recruitment per site would be possible